The advantage of wood fuel pellets:

Storage: Bags of pellets stack compactly and store easily. A ton of pellets can be stored in an area four feet long, four feet wide, and four feet high. This is about half the area it would take to store cord wood.

Loading: Normally, a pellet stove needs to be loaded only once a day. Pellets load easily and cleanly without a lot of dirt or dust.

Efficiency: Today's pellet stoved precisely regulate fuel feed and combustion air for optimum burn efficiency. Pellet stoves today have efficiency ratings of 80% to 85%. Pellet fuel us an affordable fuel option.

Low Moisture Content: If you have a wood stove you know how difficult it is to start and keep the fire going with wet wood. You either can't get a fire going at all or the fire will smoke and smolder with very little heat. Vulcan Wood Products, Inc. makes its wood fuel pellets from kiln dried saw dust giving our wood fuel pellets uniformly low moisture content consistently below 10%, compared to 20% - 60% moisture content for cord wood.

Environmentally Friendly: Uniformly low moisture content, controlled fuel batches, and precisely regulated combustion air means high heat output and very low levels or emissions. In fact, pellet stove emissions are around 1.2 grams per hour, far exceeding the current EPA regulations of 6 grams per hour.

No Chimney: because of the near total combustion (around 98.5%) pellet stoves produce virtually no creosote. This allows installation of a pellet stove with a vent similar to a gas furnace rather than a conventional chimney

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